air conditioner for my homeSome homeowners are electing to install flood alarms as a part of their AC system. Flood alarms work in a similar to regular smoke alarms. They run on batteries and make a loud sound when they are touched by water. Flood alarms let you know about any leaks or flood.

A comfortable temperature is the main goal of having and installing this kind of unit in a building. And the system accomplishes this by controlling temperature, airflow, and humidity in a space. People have long proven that the HVAC is an excellent and an environment-friendly mechanism that can ensure a good temperature in their hvac. The HVAC has many different functions, but one very admirable feature is its ability to improve the air quality so that the air in a space is a lot better.

Get a programmable thermostat. If your home is empty during the day, as an example, you can program it to switch off the heater/air conditioner when you leave for work and then automatically turn it back on roughly an hour before you get home air conditioning.

Changing the filter is probably the easiest, yet most important, piece of hvac repair you can do on your own. It is so vital to the continued health of your air conditioning system that it shouldn’t even be classified as repair, but rather maintenance. Experts differ on how often the filter should be changed, but you can’t go wrong by doing it once every month. This could be slight overkill, so look at the filter when you change it. Is it dirty? If it still looks clean, you can get away with waiting a longer period of time before switching it out.

The box sill area (the area between the floor joists around the perimeter of a house) is one of the leakiest areas of a home. These can be air sealed and insulated with closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation. If you have a block foundation, some of the cores of the blocks are hollow. It is a good practice to fill up as much of that core as possible with spray foam and then insulate the box sill into the block to lock off any heat transfer. Normal box sill insulation costs between $700 and $1,000. There are kits available for do-it-yourselfers for about $400 @ 200 board feet. What ever you do, DO NOT INSULATE BOX SILLS WITH FIBERGLASS!!! This causes moisture and mildew problems.

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